Got nothing but love for you Baby! 

I know traditionally that running blogs follow up a race with a race report.  Don’t you worry your pretty little head, that will be coming and I promise I will work super hard to make it as short as possible.  However, I have to write a thank you, dedication, love sonnet, something to capture how amazing my crew of people are.



From my Unicorn #solesisters to complete strangers I had so much positive energy surround me for this race that I had no choice, but to finish as strong as I possibly could.  Trust me this came in handy as I seriously wanted to call it quits and head to the med tent a few times during the race.

I can’t even begin to put into words what these wonderful people in my life mean to me. So I’ll show you!

So from before my tribe has donated, shared, donated, and encouraged me to the start line.

Video of gal pal Mary and Julie wishing me a kick ass marathon!



And I can’t forget Michelle of #postthepositive fame, who helped me develop a race strategy and suggested we go to the front of our wave and corral to make sure we had every second available to us to finish the race.

She kept me company on the bus and she definitely helped easy my anxiety by telling me about her race experiences.

Not to mention she helped us with some good juju by relinquishing our place in the potty line to runners starting wave 3 so that they wouldn’t be late.   Good Karma before a daunting race is always a good thing!



During the race I had tons of comments and support hitting on my facebook updates, but I also had these texts from my #solesisters.  And when I mean Sole Sisters I mean Heart and SOUL.  These ladies, helped me put in the sweat equity for my races by being there to support me through it all.  Early mornings, illnesses, job changes, and most recently the loss of my mother.







To even after the race when I came home and going back to the office I had a surprise waiting for me from what I believe is my guardian angel, Jackie.

This doesn’t include even 1% of all of the wonderful people that were in my corner. So please accept my gratitude.  Your support meant the world to me and gave me the courage to make this impossible, possible.

Thank you.

Two tiny little words and heart full of love. Thank you my friends, truly thank you!

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