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Hi, I’m Christine and I’m addicted to fitness apps. Like I really, really love them. I love technology and to think we have the option of attending a spin class from NYC or doing a downward dog at the beach with a certified instructor is AWESOME. We live in wondrous times my friends, absolutely wondrous!

I know a lot of people have Fitbits and Garmins that they wear every day. I haven’t quite upgraded to that yet, but in the meantime, I have downloaded and regularly use quite a few apps.


MyFitnessPal – A great app if it’s used consistently which I do not. I have found lately I just have a harder time of logging all of the ingredients in things I make or things I eat when I’m dining out. I know this is a failing on my side of the world because MFP gets results! There is no doubt that if you are trying to lose weight MFP will help you really get a handle on how much you are consuming. For me right now, I know I’m eating more than I should be, but am a work in progress with logging my food in MFP.

Aaptiv – Now we are talking serious awesomeness and addicting!  I love that this app has EVERYTHING on demand.  Yoga? Check. Walking? Check.  Meditation? Check.  Okay seriously, the category list is rather exhaustive.  Trending Now, Ab Workouts, 7 minute Quick Hits, Treadmill, Outdoor Running, Elliptical, Strength Training, Indoor Cycling, Stairclimber, Yoga, Walking, Stretching, Meditation, 5k training program, 10k training program, Half Marathon Training, Full Marathon Training, Monthly Challenges, and Curator’s Playlist.  Not to mention they have an amazing community that has connected through social media!  They are so much more than just an app.  I love being an ambassador for them because I truly believe this app has something for everyone no matter where they are on their journey.  All of the workouts are set to music and they put out so much new content, that it never gets stale or boring.

**  If you want to try them for 30 days free, sign up with my code: CHETZEL30  **

RockMyRun – This app rocks my world because I am LAZY. I will not sit down and put together a playlist ever, so RMR does it for me. I have favorite playlists and stations and with premium memberships you can set the BPM to match cadence or heart rate. I know I should run outside without music, but I can’t fathom not having music. I ran one race without it and it was nice, but I don’t see myself repeating that often.

100pushups – Now we are getting into an app that taunts me frequently. I love it and feel it breaks down the challenge of getting to a 100 push-ups in a great, consistent way, but truth be told I haven’t ever finished the challenge. If you have, holla at me cause I’m curious how you felt it worked for you.

Outsider – Not a super fancy app, but for I like to check it to see what the weather is like for long runs on the weekend or for race days. I believe I haven’t used this app to it’s full potential, but for me it’s just an easy way to pull up the weather to plan for outdoor runs.

BodySpace – I love how there are so many options for strength training plans. Some developed by the biggest names in the bodybuilding industry and others developed by the average Jane. Either way, this is a great place to start if you need help in getting into the weight room at your gym and you have no idea where to start. They have great videos to teach you how the lifts should look.

GarminConnect – I have had a Garmin for a few years, but only recently since I started to become serious with wanting to improve my running, have I started to really use this bad boy for all it’s worth. Features includes data featuring Cadence, Oscillation, Heart Rate, Ground Contact time, I mean this is a data geek’s must-have.  Honestly, I have to thank a Garmin rep I met at an expo that walked me through all of the features and how I can use the data to improve my efficiency as a runner. Still learning quite a bit on this.

Nike+RunClub – I’ve used this since I started running and miss some of the original features like the trophies and awards, but it’s a great way to keep track of mileage and pace. I think this is a great beginner’s app to the world of running. You can add friends and “challenge” each other. I also love the “pat on the back” at the end of the workout.

FinalSurge – I’ve only recently downloaded this app and am using it in conjunction with my training with Coach Kristen of Strong Finish. She is working with me to PR Berlin. I receive my daily workouts from her through the app and it connects with GarminConnect so she can go over my data. So far I really enjoy it and love that it sends daily emails early in the morning so I wake up to a reminder of “Girl, get yo ass up and out the door.” It doesn’t say that, but let’s pretend it does.

Peloton – I just bought a spin bike because my cross training will be mainly spinning/cycling and the local gym definitely takes some serious traffic to contend with to get there. Although Aaptiv, has an indoor cycling portion and I love the instructors, I wanted to try Peloton. I have only tried it once and LOVE it, but it could also be because I “met” Coach Matt Wilpers when he was recording workouts through Aaptiv and CoachCasts. So when I tried the app and saw his workout, I signed up for the class.  I love the “live” class aspect and I definitely see myself becoming a subscriber.

Blogilates –  I don’t use this app frequently, but am hesitant to delete it because well if the above list doesn’t show you I tend to get bored and I like to have this in my arsenal.  I love Cassey’s positive view on fitness so occasionally I’ll follow one of her classes.

I have tried others, but for now these are the ones on my phone.  What apps do you use? Or are you a tech free athlete?

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