Cultivating Optimism 21-day challenge

Headline after splashy headline you see or hear that humans are being unfair, unjust, and cruel to their fellow humankind. It likely makes you feel like the world has gone to the proverbial “hell in a handbasket”. You see it everywhere; the person that cut in front of you, the neighbor that left tree clippings in your yard, the coworker that snips at you when you ask a question.

What if I told you that you can change all of that? Yes, without, leaving your home or spending not even $1, you can change the world! 

Can you change those situations or people? Nope, but you can change your reaction and in the process help to cultivate a bit more optimism in your day. The buoyancy of having more grace towards others, gratitude in your life, and a sunny disposition will carry over. Like a seed that is well-tended and nurtured, you can grow a forest of kindness, love, and happiness. 

If at this point you are thinking, that you didn’t realize that you were signing onto some “pollyanna” b.s., I urge you to stick with me, friend. It’s just 21 days after all. What do you have to lose? Except maybe some of that negativity, sadness, and criticism that is weighing you down. 

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. This 21-day challenge will follow the “Complaint-Free World” primary tenet of becoming mindful of your language and taking the “no-complaint” rule.

Now, this is where you may think…” This chick is out of her ever-lovin’ mind”, but stick with me. I don’t advocate for toxic positivity. I don’t want you to bite your tongue when you are slighted or have something weighing heavily on your chest. Quite on the contrary, the “no-complaint” rule is to be confident, assertive, and proactive in your communication. 

Example: Colleague at work takes credit for a project you worked for weeks on. 

Ordinarily, you may get incredibly upset and complain to your coworkers, bestie, and your spouse. You can’t get it out of your head because of how frustrated and hurt you are that your work was not properly credited. 

The no-complaint rule style of handling this situation is to communicate directly with the individual that you feel slighted you in a direct, concise manner instead of allowing this to fester and grow a seed of discord.

Okay, maybe you aren’t quite ready for that, it’s okay cause you will be. First, start with being mindful of your words and look at opportunities to reframe situations in a way that allows you to be more gracious, forgiving, and compassionate.

So if your coffee order takes FOREVER and it makes your run late, this is a great opportunity to be grateful for the extra time to listen to a great song on your radio or how much you enjoy that your coffee is exactly how you ordered it, even if it took a bit more time to make it. 

While the no-complaint rule is the foundation, we will also take the opportunity to practice gratitude, random acts of kindness, positive reframing, and build on the foundation of “looking for the good” even if sometimes it feels like you need a really big magnifying glass to do this. 

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