Hot Beaches of Summer 90-day Program

How to know if the 90-day Hot Beaches of Summer program is for you?

Are you ready to bring your growth mindset and tackle true self-care, self-love, and embrace sustainable healthy habits? Not in the bull$hit #selflove Instaworld, but in the doing what you know is something that your future self will be thankful for. Sometimes it may be as simple as turning off Netflix and going to bed and other times it may be reinforcing boundaries with the toxic people in our lives.

Our hustle-hard culture with constant demands of a full-time career while trying to fit in social events, family time, exercise, healthy eating, and still take time for yourself between meetings, kids and other life chaos is leaving folks feeling depleted and burned out.

What I educate people and coach them on is to have balance.

The 90-day Hot Beaches of Summer will show you that girl, you are already a Hot “Beach”.  Shell yeah you are!

You don’t need a fad diet, cleanses, or a 20-something-year-old trainer telling you that you just have to “use willpower”.

“Wave” good-bye to unrealistic “fitspo” filtered social media scrolling while berating yourself and eating a sad salad lunch from your desk at work.

This program is designed to help you build achievable healthy habits while learning to love yourself along the way.

You will hold 3-sessions with Christine, Chief Transformation Officer which is comprised of goal-setting session, mid-point check-in, and final transformation session.

Weekly wellness topics will include; mindset, sleep, movement, nutrition, hydration, self-love, boundary-setting, time management, and more.

All from the perspective of someone who “gets” it and understands YOU!

Only $150.00

To be entered to win the Hot Beaches of Summer Grand Prize, challenge participants must:

– Hold a goal-setting session with Chief Transformation Officer Christine

– Conduct a mid-point check-in session in month 2

– Hold their final session in month 3

– Check in weekly via group page or through email

– Use the challenge tracker and submit course completion via app or through Guides

The winner will be chosen and announced on Sep. 5.