Murder, Mayhem, and Miles Challenge – Killer Couple Edition

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Join Running Scared with Coach Christine and embark on a virtual journey for True “Crime” Love Never Dies. 

The Murder, Mayhem and Miles Killer Couple challenge will follow the last portion of the most notorious criminal couple of all time, Bonnie & Clyde. Starting in Grapevine, Texas, where Bonnie and Clyde had a shoot-out with law enforcement agents, all the way to where they met their demise in Sailes, Louisana. While you log miles by running, walking, hiking, cycling, or on the elliptical, we will learn about other toxic lovebirds with a proclivity for the macabre, twisted, and heinous. 

Over this 30-day virtual mileage challenge,  we will embark on a journey of 75, 100, or 125 miles while hearing about the wicked Wests of the UK with a penchant for kink that resulted in the death of their “lovers.” We will then hop the pond to Canada, where we meet the Ken and Barbie Killers that prove that behind the mask of the “perfect” couple lies a sick and twisted core. Then we will learn about the Twilight Killers, proving that teenagers can be just as scary as their adult serial killer counterparts. Before ending our virtual audio journey with Bonnie & Clyde and catching up with them in their final days. 

You can tackle this route solo or partner up with a fellow true crime fiend. You will have a dedicated mileage map tracker that easily pairs with your Garmin or Strava account to keep you motivated as you see your miles add up. 

Starting Jan. 16 & ending Valentine’s Day, this virtual challenge will accompany the following Running Scared with Coach Christine podcast schedule.

1/24 – The Wicked Wests
1/31 – The Ken & Barbie Killers featuring Burden of Proof Podcast
2/7 – The Twilight Killers
2/14 – Bonnie & Clyde

The Grand prize winner will receive a Call Me A Jogger Bury You Tank or Tshirt, True Crime Bath Bomb Set, & Scented Candle

But don’t worry, even if you don’t take the “gold,” you will still be in the running for other prizes throughout the mileage challenge. 


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