The holiday season is around the corner…

2021 is almost over, we just have to make it through the whirlwind holidaze!

It’s been a chaotic year and the holidays generally create another layer of stress.

You can make time to prioritize yours-elf and start 2022 strong!

This 6-week challenge will get you started and the accountability #SleighSquad will keep you motivated!

Join a group of women that are committed to sleigh their excuses and work toward conquering their fitness and wellness goals.

The 6-week Sleigh the Holidaze Accountability Group will include; a training plan, goal-setting sessions, virtual run or walk 5k race, virtual vision board workshop, Fitmas fun, and a chance to be entered to win a race bib to participate in the completely sold-out Walt Disney World 5k!!! *

A new group is starting on November 14th, which will take you all through the holidaze and into 2022!

Join the #sleighsquad and let’s get ready to Sleigh, Queen, Sleigh!

All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged.