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Wine more to weigh less

Sound too good to be true?

I really do believe that you can and should wine more to weigh less. While science backs drinking wine in moderation to help with heart health and overall wellness, that is not exactly what I am talking about. I’m here to tell you that you should w(h)ine more to weigh less. I know, the negative connotation associated with whining is enough to put most people off from reading further. However, hang in there. I bet I’ll get you to see what I mean here shortly.

How often do you bite your tongue when you ask your husband or kids to take out the trash? Or when was the last time you smiled at your boss when they asked you to work on a project with an impossible deadline? Or what about the evening that you had planned to spend curling up with a good book? Only to spend the entire night playing armchair therapist to your friend that absolutely had to tell you about their bad day.

However, you would never call a friend and unleash your latest worry or work issues with them. Never would you bother your husband or kids for fear of being labeled as a nag or worse ignored. And tell your boss, “no”, what kind of crazy woman do I make you out to be? Of course, you wouldn’t do that. Your boss, kids, husband, friends, neighbors they all depend on you. So you do it all with a smile. You bag up the trash and take it out. You take on the crazy deadline, you volunteer to take cookies to the friend’s cousin’s baby daddy in the hospital. Cause if you don’t do it, who will?

And that is how the trouble starts.

Then you get home and take off your cape or drop off the cross you bore all day and you dive face-first into the leftover cookie dough and a pint of ice cream. You gorge on the bag of potato chips that you had purchased for the kid’s lunches. You break into the bag of Hershey’s kisses and you don’t stop eating until you have anesthetized every single last feeling of frustration. For a few blissful moments, you don’t “feel” anything. No worry about how you will meet the deadline or who took out the trash. You don’t worry about what your colleagues think about you. Or what your best friend thinks if you don’t answer her call.

Of course, you know what happens next. It wears off and you are sick to your stomach. Both metaphorically and literally. You ate so much your stomach hurts. And, you are filled with shame for the epic binge you just had when you promised yourself two days ago when you started your Monday diet that “this time, would be different”. Then you go to bed thinking that you are anything but capable. You feel defeated and broken, because why in the world can you not say “no” to the entire bag of potato chips. Never connecting that you didn’t say no to your boss, so why would you say no to helping yourself feel better?

Instead of self-loathing, this is the time to w(h)ine more.

When you first start putting yourself first, it will feel very much like you are whining, selfish, and inconsiderate. Owning your voice and power will feel foreign. However, to get started on your weight-loss journey, you must start using your mouth to vocalize your feelings instead of silencing your voice by overeating. Before you take on another thankless project at work or volunteer for the charity drive in the neighborhood, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and start practicing your whine. It won’t always be a whine. In time, you will be empowered to speak up for yourself. You’ll feel confident to use your voice in defense of your time and your needs.

Some people in your circle will be surprised and think you are being “difficult” when you first start using your voice. Keep going. This is the beginning of an incredible journey in which you choose yourself and your health.

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