• Thanks to my connection with RWFL Finishers' Circle almost 6 weeks ago, I've effectively been able to shut off quarantine activity level and replaced it with almost normal level for me, in fact, I just signed up for 5 more virtual 5ks. I'm hoping to do about 1 a week until the end of this year, all while learning a better more efficient way of reducing my time. I want to get up to a 10k and maybe even a half before I turn 50, that's 2.5 years, I believe it's possible!

    Phoebe Chip Walker Life coach, MS Fighter, and Goal-getter
  • Awesome experience with the accountability challenge! Thank you, Christine so much!!! I have received so much value from RWFL that it is worth it and more!

    Carmen Pacheco Artist Extraordinaire, Super-hero mom, and RWFL Finisher
  • I want to thank Christine Hetzel who helped me to recently eliminate some barriers to take an important step in my overall health. With all that said, if you put your mind to something and you keep at it and not give up, you can definitely achieve it

    Donna Raphael Project Manager Master, Renaissance Woman, and Superstar
  • Thank you for the accountability challenge and group, Coach Christine! Each of the incredible women in the RWFL Finisher's circle inspire me. I think life by itself provides lots of challenges to taking time for ourselves. And certainly a pandemic magnifies these challenges to a new level. Taking an hour (or more!) to breathe, sweat, move, think, etc is probably the most loving and life-sustaining thing any of us could do right now for ourselves and those we care about. This pandemic has served as another sobering reminder that health really is wealth. Our bodies are incredible and strengthening them has to be a priority no matter what the day brings.

    Ashley Mejia Boss Babe, Rockstar Mama, and Finishers' Circle Spirit Queen
  • Christine has been my running inspiration and coach for several years now and the only reason I have run two of the World Marathon Majors is because of her. She’s done more for me than just share information about the technical aspects of training (plans, hydration, fueling, mechanics), she’s also been an amazing support as to the mental aspects of the training which is usually more difficult than the physical. She is actually the one that talked me into running races, which led to a love of running, which led to running being actual therapy for me. So, I am forever grateful for the role she has played in my life.

    Jennifer Lombardo Social Worker Savant, World Traveler, and 2x Marathoner