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Welcome to Run Wine & Finish Lines

Welcome and come on in for some “you” time. I’m Christine, a gal that isn’t afraid to show her sparkle in the pursuit of a well-lived life and a strong believer that you can too!

I believe in the magical and transformative powers of running. You can have sustainable weight loss.

Here with me and in the Finisher’s Club, you’ll find a sense of community with other women that are willing to put in the work. Whether at the (virtual) office, on their training plan, with their families at home, and most importantly within themselves the RWFL Finisher’s Club women are running towards making our dreams a reality.

More About Me

Testimonials from Finishers

  • Christine has been my running inspiration and coach for several years now and the only reason I have run two of the World Marathon Majors is because of her. She’s done more for me than just share information about the technical aspects of training (plans, hydration, fueling, mechanics), she’s also been an amazing support as to the mental aspects of the training which is usually more difficult than the physical. She is actually the one that talked me into running races, which led to a love of running, which led to running being actual therapy for me. So, I am forever grateful for the role she has played in my life.

    Jennifer L. LCSW, 2x Marathoner, Badass Nomad Runner
  • Christine has been so much more than a coach for me. As a full-time caregiver, mother, and wife I have always prioritized others before myself. I found that I was stressed out and starting to have health issues because of it. She helped me carve out time for myself and created tools to help me tackle the week by meal-planning, setting training time up that I could work into my busy schedule, and provided accountability and feedback for me. I enjoy my time running now as my "me time" and have found that it helps me be a better mom, wife, and caregiver. I look forward to continuing to work with her in our goal-setting sessions.

    Jackie M. Mom, Wife, and Runner

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