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New Year, New You….

So it's officially a new year.  2018.  With a fresh new turn of a page there is undoubtedly excitement and promises of new beginnings.  However, for me the "big" things never have happened like that.  My life changing decisions are generally made on idle Tuesday afternoon.  Since getting back from the Berlin marathon, I have… Continue reading New Year, New You….

Race Training

Fitness App Addict

Hi, I'm Christine and I'm addicted to fitness apps. Like I really, really love them. I love technology and to think we have the option of attending a spin class from NYC or doing a downward dog at the beach with a certified instructor is AWESOME. We live in wondrous times my friends, absolutely wondrous!… Continue reading Fitness App Addict


Boston Marathon – Is this really happening?!?

What do you do when a loved one is passing? Well I sat quite a bit while my mother was unresponsive, thinking of how I could do something, anything. Turns out there wasn't much I could do. I did talk to her and I prayed. I played music and tried to share stories. I tried… Continue reading Boston Marathon – Is this really happening?!?