April Book Club: Choose your own Adventure

We have covered some incredible books from January to March, so let’s do something different. Let’s choose our own adventure! That’s right, we will put ourselves in the captain’s chair and set the course for our own destiny.

Adventure 1 – Use it as a catch-up month and revisit the previous books, you can find all of the discussions under the Guides tab.
Adventure 2 – Read a light, fluffy, inspirational book, Running with Sherman.
Adventure 3 – Embark on a cookbook exploration and commit to making 2-3 recipes per week from the cookbook(s) of your choice and sharing the recipes with the group.
Adventure 4 – Do what you want, hang out with awesome humans and get ready for the badassery in store for May’s book!
Discussion Threads will be posted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting April 2.
Which adventure will you choose? If you still haven’t joined in, then this is your chance. Pop on over to the group page and send in a request!

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