January Book Club – The Willpower Instinct

As we turn the page on a new year, undoubtedly, many a new resolution will be made.

However, when 93% of those new year’s resolutions fall short, many will cite a lack of willpower. However, what is willpower exactly? And, how do I get more of it? The 2022 RWFL Book Club will explore those questions and more while embarking on reading and discussing The Willpower Instinct by Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal.

Which brings us to the next question? Alright, I have the book, but what’s next?

In the introduction, Dr. McGonigal discusses that this book is based on her popular 10-week Stanford course, The Science of Willpower, and each chapter corresponds with a weekly discussion. However, she states there is a great benefit to ready the book thoroughly to obtain a greater understanding of the material and then to utilize the book as a reference or workbook to tackle a specific behavior, goal, or resolution that requires more “willpower”.  Who am I to argue with a renowned research psychologist?

Therefore, we will tackle the book for the month of January with the aim to have a better understanding of the book’s contents. To stay on track with the weekly discussions, I have created the schedule below:


Week 1 – Intro (optional), Chapter 1 and 2

Week 2 – Chapter 3, 4, 5

Week 3 – Chapter 6, 7, 8

Week 4 – Chapter 9 and 10 (can also be used as a catch-up week)

To stay on pace this will require ~ 8 to 12 pages daily or if listening to the audiobook version ~20 minutes a day.

Tips to stay on track:

Schedule time every day to read the daily page count or a bigger timeblock to tackle a chapter at a time.

If listening to the audiobook, you can speed up the cadence of the reader. I do not suggest more than 1.5x so that you aren’t losing valuable information.

Take notes, break out the highlighter, or print up the worksheet here >>

Let’s get to reading and mark your calendar for the book club meeting on Jan 25 at 8 pm ET.

It’s not too late to join the free 2022 RWFL Book Club, you can learn more here>>

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