March Book Club: The 5 AM Club

The Daylight Savings Time starts in the month of March for much of North America and while this “spring forward” of the clock means more evening daylight hours, it also means, that we may be getting up to darker mornings. We lose an hour of sleep and it may be hard to shake the covers off to get started on our day. So in the RWFL book club, we will tackle readning The 5 am Club. The premise of the book is that it is a self-help parable that shows us how to embrace a revolutionary morning routine, that is sure to deliver results.

Written by world-famous productivity and leadership expert, Robin Sharma teaches us how to use the first hour of our day to harness our creative capacity, protect our sanity, and drive personal growth.


This month we will embark on the 20/20/20 Formula, the 5 am method and the 10 tactics of lifelong genius amongst the core principles of the book. So set that morning alarm and let’s get to reading!

Week 1 – Chapters 1-7

Week 2 – Chapters 8-11

Week 3 – Chapters 12-14

Week 4 – Chapters 15-17

Let’s master our mornings and elevate our daily routines!

It’s not too late to join the book club! Join today and get ready for powerful transformation!

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Discussion threads are posted three times a week in the group and we meet online via Zoom on the final Tuesday of every month. March 29th at 8 pm ET.


This month will have a fun prize for the Rise and Shine March book club winner! Join in and be entered to win! Details are posted in the book club group!




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