Wellness Snacks – finding “me” time

You may have missed the registration for the 6-week Spring Forward accountability group, but alas,  you can still put a little spring into your step.

You may be thinking that “wellness snacks” is a new program being put out by WW or the makers of Keebler. Sorry friend, no edible “wellness snacks” here. Instead, I want to invite you to consider adding in little snippets of time “snacks” of time if you will to your average day to get in some much-needed movement, self-love, and mental health check-ins to help you get through the day.

Often, I see clients that think that if they can’t get in an entire workout then there is no purpose in getting in a small bit of fitness time. Additionally, I see clients that prioritize everyone else before their own wellbeing and “me time”.  Which led me to create a daily wellness calendar that allows clients to prioritize “me time” throughout the day.

Each day has a daily activity, some days it’s fitness-related, other times it’s about exercise that moves the soul. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to follow along, you don’t get mired into perfection. You can scale any of the exercises, you can and should use the snack principle for the fitness sets. By breaking up the daily exercises into smaller snack-sized sets to help get you up from your desk, and give you a bit of a boost, and you should ALWAYS honor your body. So please, use this as an outline rather than a strict regimen that must be done every day.

Printable PDF here >>Spring Forward Calendar

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