Training for a 5k: Team-Building for your office

Creating or adhering to best workplace practices during this past year has been unchartered territory. As an executive, manager, or human resource professional, you may have found that finding ways to help your team connect has been a challenge. Whether your company is returning to work at the office, staying in a hybrid environment, or still remote, team connectedness feels empty and void. This void has created a need for team-building, communication, and interdepartmental camaraderie to help combat employee fatigue, apathy, and turnover

However, most team members will tell you that they are tired of the awkward Zooms or socially distanced, mask-mandated conference rooms that make it hard to connect to their colleagues. Team-building retreats may be on a temporary hiatus, and bringing in consultants can be costly and complicated. While this may challenge you in a leadership position, it can also create an “outside-of-the-box” opportunity. Not just metaphorically speaking here, but quite literally outside-of-the-box. Taking your team outside of the office, virtual break-out rooms, or conference room may be exactly what they need! 

Training to walk or run a 5k will take your team outside, allow them to work together toward a common goal, provide a boost to their health and immunity, and highlight to your staff that you value their wellness. 

However, you may be unsure about how to get this started and how to get buy-in from your staff. Here are some tips on how to get the corporate wellness and team-building with a side of feel-good endorphins officially started:

  • Find a local or virtual 5k that is at least a couple of months away. You can use an online race finder, check with your local run/walk store, or host a virtual 5k option allowing team members to complete a 5k from their local park or treadmill. 
  • Offer a small incentive for those employees that sign on for the 5k training by allowing for an additional remote workday, a gift card for the local run or walking shoe store, or a plan for a post-5k outdoor celebration together as a team!
  • Make it a friendly competition. That’s right, pair up teams to log miles together, bonus points if you can create groups that consist of members from different departments. The teams that log the most miles or show the most team spirit could be eligible for a fun prize. 
  • Encourage your staff to invite their family and friends along. More is always merrier, and what a better way to make this a consistent habit for your employees than to have their entire family or significant other join them in the fun. 

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