Ready to Get SMART-AF?

You’ve likely, heard all about SMART goals. Creating goals within the framework of Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. However, if you have struggled to meet a SMART goal in the past, it may have been because you missed the most critical part, the AF – and, FUN part.

Okay, this is where you may be saying, my goals are going to be hard work, I don’t have time to incorporate silliness and fun. I’m not a child. I need to get serious. True, you do need to be serious, you need to have dedication and commitment, but I promise you this, you can have fun. If your goal isn’t fun what is the likelihood that you are going to continue pursuing the habits you work on creating or continue to develop beyond this one goal. Not ready to take my word for it. Well, let’s look at the science then.

A series of studies completed in 2014, found that individuals that incorporated “fun” exercise to aid and promote weight loss were less likely to “overeat” or indulge in desserts or snacks later in the day. However, the participants that labeled their exercise as laborsome or “required” and did not associate it with fun, were more likely to indulge and partake in sweets, desserts, or snacks as a way to reward their “labor” with their exercise routine.

Not enough to sway you to make your SMART goal fun? Well, then maybe you’ll take the word of renowned Psychologist, BJ Fogg who works at Health and Human Performance in the Department of Medicine within the Stanford School of Medicine. His research has formed the psychology of habit-building by rewiring your brain, with what? You guessed it fun and CELEBRATION! That’s right, his technique for new habit formation includes a “Celebration” Step.

So let’s get down to the business. The business of fun, as I know you are a quick learner!

Specific This is your time to get into the nitty-gritty details. You want to make your goal clear and use it as your compass.

Measurable – Define what the success of the goal looks like for you. Create a metric to measure the goal and outcome.

Achievable –  Is anything possible? Sure, but consider what can or will you COMMIT to for the duration of the timeframe that you have to work toward the goal.

Relevant – As this is only a small part of your awesome journey, think about how this goal will help to set you up for future goals and success.

Time-Bound – Create a deadline. Then look over your schedule and see how your goal fits into your life and how you can prioritize it.

And, FUN!  – Make this fun. Make this authentic to what you ENJOY and Celebrate your journey along the way!

Ready to get started? Download the reference chart below.

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